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I started acting and dancing at a young age and after my first successful year of university I decided to pursue my passion and study film and theater so I did, and I graduated from the Theater School of Barcelona in 2009. 

I made my professional acting debut with the top-tier company La Fura dels Baus and my first on-screen appearance was on the Spanish TV sitcom “13 years and 1 day”.

In 2009 I moved to Los Angeles to study at The Beverly Hills Playhouse. I got cast as the lead role of "Front Seat Chronicles" (People's Choice and Best Low-Budget Series Telly Award winner). I have never stopped training to improve my skills, I also studied at the Ivana Chubbuck studio and worked on my audition skills with Billy O'Leary and Margie Haber.

When I moved back to Spain I booked a series regular in a very popular Soap Opera "La Riera". Simultaneously co-starred with Joel Joan in his sitcom"El Crac", and played Sandra in "Night and Day", a very popular thriller TV show that has been broadcast both in the US and UK.

I´ve worked with the Pastor brother's in their last movie "Hogar" produced by Nostromo and Netflix and is premiering at Malaga Film Festival 2020. I am very thrilled to have worked with Isabel Coixet in "Foodie Love" , is now available worldwide on HBO Max. I am also starring at "The Innocent" directed by Oriol Paulo an amazing thirller based in the novel of Harlan Coben, it's on Netflix. 

Last year I played a part on "FBI: International" for CBS and Paramount +.

This 2023 I starred in the movie "The Antares Paradox" debut of Luis Tinoco. I am the lead of the movie "Without Him" also a debut of the director Emilio Martínez-Borso and it will premiere this fall. I just finished shooting "El cuerpo en llamas"a Netflix original show directed by Jorge Torregrossa ("Fariña").

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